"Fix Me!"

When Seide came to me she literally just said two words, "Fix Me." She had made a decision to get into the best shape of her life, and was 100% committed to do so. Seide didn't miss one day throughout her training program, the results clearly reflect that. Proud of you! Keep it up.  

mario at wedding0001.jpg


"F*ck the warm -up, let's just lift heavy sh*t"

From Day 1, Jeff had the mindset of a champion. He knew that if he didn't get into great shape before his wedding, he was less likely to do it any other time in his life. He made major lifestyle changes before the wedding, eliminating anything that didn't serve his long term goal. His effort outside of our session made things a lot easier and I am so grateful I was able to assist in his transformation. So proud of you Jefe!  

Why didn't anyone tell me my tie was too long?



"I just want to look

good for my wedding"

Jackie didn't have a goal weight or ideal physique she wanted to reach.

She simply told me "I just want to look good for my wedding." Once we got started She commit to her program whole heartedly and never looked back. Great work Jackie!   

" I want to be strong for my wedding " 

" How strong ? " 

"I dont know, like I want to be able to pick you up."

"You could do that now"

"No way!"

. . . .

"You're capable of more than you think, but since that was your goals,

i'll make you repeat it on your wedding day."

mario at wedding0002 2.jpg

Melary had A LOT on her plate. She was always juggling work and being a mom, or as she liked to call it, two full-time jobs. She was honest with me from the beginning, warning me about last minute schedule changes because of her unpredictable schedule. Although to her this always seemed like the reason why she couldn't get into the best shape of her life, she quickly changed her perspective and noticed this was the reason why she needed to. To raise the best, she wanted to be her best.  


"I'll be there

in 5 minutes"




"Wait, did you say no donuts?"

Lisa contacted me on Instagram and on our first conversation while discussing nutrition, she interjected and said "Wait, did you say no donuts? I can't do that." She worked hard for months then took her program on her own to finally lose the 35 lbs. she wanted to lose.  



"I just want to lose

another 5 lbs"

Colorful Bubbles

Iraina had just finished the police academy when the New York City suffered the attacks of September 11. One of her first duties of the job was to stand guard at Ground Zero. Due to daily exposure to toxic gases, Iraina developed a lung problem that required daily medication. As a result of the medication, Iraina gained 100+ lbs. and had reached a low point and wanted to go back to her normal weight. She was extremely motivated throughout her training, and at one point couldn't get enough of losing weight. Even after reaching her ideal goal weight and complimented by everyone on how great she looked, she decided she wanted to surpass her previous base line weight and go for more. Initially, it was about returning to her weight to be back to normal but toward the end it became I want to be better than ever. Guiding Iraina through this weight loss journey has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 


Your Name

Before scrolling through other results, take a moment and realize your goals are achievable too. Everyone you will see above was once in your shoes too. They had an idea of where they wanted to be and all it took was their commitment.