No more aimlessly going to the gym and messing around with equipment until you're bored. By following your custom fitness program, you're guaranteed to progress and consistently close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  

track your progress

Most people quit because they don't feel they're progressing. By monitoring progress, you will 

have a clear visual on your progress and exactly how you've improved over time. 


Aside from your entry fee, individuals who participate in the online academy are required to commit to an accountability pledge. This pledge is a dollar amount that you submit to keep you committed to your fitness goals. Complete all of your workouts and have it returned to you,  skip out on your fitness goals and it'll cost you. 

The accountability operates on a 3 strike basis.


1 Strike = Warning 100% of pledge returned

2 Strikes = 50% of pledge returned 

3 Strikes = 0% of pledge returned 

*All strikes reset at the end of each month*

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